Like in many other projects, evaluation is also an important part of our work.

Here you will find out what we discussed with the students.

We think these points are also useful and applicable for many other Comenius projects.

Here are three examples.

1 - at the beginning

When we started the project, we tried to find out what students know about the other participating countries and what they think about their own cultural identity and  such projects.

Maybe also a good start for other projects. After one or two years of the project you can hand out most of the questions again to the students.


2 - in the middle

After staging all the plays at the theatre festival in Göttingen (May 2012) we asked the participating students about their impressions of the plays. We also asked them about their experiences with the Comenius project in general.


3 - at the end

At the end of our last official meeting in Varna (May 2013) we talked again about the plays and also about their experiences with drama and performing in English. But more important was the question “What did you learn?”. The students prepared also short speeches in which they convince an EU politician to provide money for such projects like Comenius.


In the three sections you will find the detailed questions and also some examples of the students reflections. The questionnaires can also be downloaded in the “download-section” of our website.

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