The play - first year

This first scene is the result of the meeting in Pécs (7th - 12th of November 2011). It was written by students from all participating schools. You will find these basic ideas in every single play.


Actors in scene 1: Jacqueline, Sam, Vladimir, Alice, Lilly, Jack. Jack and Lilly enter the stage. Jack is pulling Lilly.

IMGP0554 (3)

Jack: Come on!!

Lilly: I donīt want to marry you, let me go.

Jack:  Shut up and donīt cry.

Vlad enters the stage.

Sam enters the stage with a bottle in her hand.

Sam:  Do you know what time is it?

Vlad: No (mysterious voice)

Jack: I donīt know.

Alice enters the stage: Have you seen the pink cat outside?

Sam: Sorry, no, I donīt think so.

Jacqueline:  Is this the only empty chair here? (to herself) I wonīt sit next to somebody like her!!

Sam to Vlad: Why are you here?

Vlad: Citizenship

Alice: My name is Alice …or…wait…no! Itīs Marie, yes, and Iīm Chinese.

Sam: You donīt look Chinese!

Alice uses her fingers and pulls her eyelids apart: Of course, look, …..look, I do look like a Chinese.

Sam to Jacqueline: And what about you?

Jacqueline: Me? Iīm Jacqueline, from the capital of fashion and cuisine …but…I donīt want to talk to you…why are you all staring at me?

Sam gets up and we can notice that he/she is really drunk: My father is dead (laughing), my mother is dead (laughing), oh itīs such sad thing. But tell me, who are you?

Vlad: Iīm the gardener at Draculaīs  castle.

Jack to Lilly: I go to the restroom for a minute. Stay here, donīt move and donīt cry.

Lilly: Yes, yes, of course, of course.

Jack leaves.

Lilly addresses the others: Help me, please, help me! He wants to marry me even though I donīt want to.

Sam and Alice: Hide, hide!!

Jack comes back: Where is she?


And here are the final versions how the were performed during the “DR:EAMS Theatre Festival” in Göttingen, May 2012:








(click on the name of the country to get a PDF-file with the original script of the play - for download use “right click” and “save as...”)

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