play - second year

Journey to the future

This first scene is the result of the meeting in Gruzdziai, Lithuania (8.-13.10.2012). It was written by students from all participating schools. You will find these basic ideas in every single play.


There are two settings on stage at the same time:

1. The present students are in a time-machine waiting to be transferred to the year 2050. One of the three students should be a boy.

2. Schoolfloor in the future. Schoolbell rings. Lesson ended, two students come to the stage, theyīre happy.


Time machine setting

professor: How are you, kids?

student 1: Iīm a little nervous….quite….very nervous. And I hope I put everything I will need in my bag.

student 2: Canīt we start yet? Iīm so excited, hoooh!!!! I`m really looking forward to this trip.

professor: And what about you, …. (name)

student 3: (like a little teacher) Iīm well prepared for this trip, prof. Iīm expecting you to start the engines.

professor: So, you are ready! Have a good time and have a safe return. Ready for take off: 3-2-1-0


Time machine is working.



girl 1: Oh, Iīm so happy! Finally break! Are you excited about the coming of the exchange students?

girl 2 (robot): What? Why? What do I have to do? (the robot is “empty” and can`t move anymore)

girl 1: Oh, not again! (shouts) Teacher, teacher!

Teacher is coming.

girl 1: Our robotīs memory needs to be refreshed again.

teacher: Okay, one minute. (teacher refreshes the robot technically with a scanner/a chip/any other futuristic technique)Calm down, it will be updated in a minute.

girl 2: (the robot can move again) Now I can remember everything!

girl 1: When are the exchange-students coming?

girl 2: The students are supposed to arrive in exactly 3,2,1 seconds.

Exchange-students arrive with a futuristic sound.

teacher: Oh, hello (tries to shake the hands of the travellers, but almost gets burned) Oh, I always forget that those time-travellers get so hot on the journey. Thank goodness it doesn’t hurt themselves.

The students also greet the exchange-students without touching them.

student 1: We brought you a present from the past.

student 2: Itīs Shakespeareīs Romeo and Julia.

student 1: Itīs a lovestory.

girl 2: Iīm scanning.

Teacher takes the book. Teacher and girl 1 look at the book, touch it, surprised.

(Here each country can include an own dialogue about the book.)

student 2 is staring at girl 2 and styling his hair.

student 1 and 3: Oh no, not again. Look, this silly boy falls in love wherever he goes.

student 2 moves closer to girl 2, smiling at her.

teacher: Boys and girls, our principal is waiting for us in the hall for the welcome-ceremony.

All students follow the teacher.


Further ideas/recommendations:

  • We didnīt chose any names for the characters, so you are free to take typical names from your countries.
  • You can decide about the sex of the student 1 and 3 and of the teacher, too.
  • Lovestory between a student from the present and one from the future.
  • The professor and the teacher can be played by the same person.
  • Robot can get technical problems.


And here are the final versions how the were performed during the “DR:EAMS Theatre Festival” in Varna, May 2013:








(click on the name of the country to get a PDF-file with the original script of the play - for download use “right click” and “save as...”)

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